FR: couramment - place de l'adverbe

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  1. hyderabadigirl Banned

    I just came across this sentence and was wondering if it makes a difference where you place the adverb.

    Il parle couramment le russe.
    Il parle le russe couramment.

    Do they mean the exact same thing?
  2. James Bates Banned

    I don't know if they mean the same thing or not but one thing I can tell you is that the second sentence is grammatically incorrect. It should have been

    Il parle russe couramment.

    Similarly, one cannot say, "Il parle couramment russe."

    But I have no idea if the position of "couramment" makes a difference. For that you would have to ask a native speaker.
  3. pointvirgule

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    Both your sentences are correct, and they mean exactly the same thing, hyderabadigirl.

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