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  1. hyderabadigirl Banned

    I just came across this sentence and was wondering if it makes a difference where you place the adverb.

    Il parle couramment le russe.
    Il parle le russe couramment.

    Do they mean the exact same thing?
  2. pointvirgule

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    Both your sentences are correct, and they mean exactly the same thing, hyderabadigirl.
  3. dcx97 Banned

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    Also, I believe the adverb comes immediately after the verb. Therefore, it would seem that "Je parle le russe couramment." is wrong, but pointvirgule, being a native speaker, cannot be mistaken, so I'll assume my textbook was incorrect on this point.
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  4. elroy

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    That’s textbook French. In practice this rule is not upheld consistently.
  5. Maître Capello

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    Both adverb placements are common and natural:

    Il parle couramment le russe. :tick:
    Il parle le russe couramment. :tick:

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