FR: Dès qu'on rentrera/sera rentré, tu prendras ta douche

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    Je suis un peu confuse... je croyais qu'on dit "dès qu'on..." (pour donner un ordre/une suggestion), il fallait utiliser le futur - ex. "dès qu'on rentrera, tu prendras ta douche", mais est-ce qu'on pourrait dire également "dès qu'on rentre, tu vas prendre ta douche"? Je crois que non, mais je veux juste vérifier. Aussi, la difference entre "dès qu'on rentrera..." et "dès qu'on sera rentrés...", la première phrase est plus immédiate, non?

    Merci d'avance :)

  2. Guill Senior Member

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    Both are correct, but the second one is far less formal than the first one.
    Concerning "rentrera" and "sera rentrés", for me, it's quite the same as "when" and "as soon as".
    "Dès qu'on rentrera" = "When we're back"
    "Dès qu'on sera rentrés" = "As soon as we're back"
  3. j88 Member

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    Ok thanks for your help. Would the second one be correct in an essay etc, or only in informal speech?
  4. Guill Senior Member

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    I don't think so, the way it's said makes the sentence quite informal. It's like a father angry with his child. The fact of using "sera rentrés" sounds like an order, so I don't think it could be written in an essay, could it ?

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