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  1. blowe46 Senior Member

    Hello, I was hoping to get some clarification , especially regarding the word delicatement.

    Ses gestes subtils délicatement divulguent une tragédie bouleversante cachée dans son passé.

    Is there a grammatical problem with delicatement here? Is it out of order?
  2. Petites mousctaches

    Petites mousctaches Senior Member


    the adverb (délicatement) can be placed before or after the verb, so the sentence is grammatically correct. It is true that it is not the usual way to say it. We would generally say "divulguent délicatement".
  3. OLN

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    Inversion is a rhetorical device.
    anastrophe (syntax)
  4. blowe46 Senior Member

    Thanks , but does my inversion help the sentence? or is it just a poorly worded sentence?

    I suppose, one could argue an artistic component but would it be plausible?
  5. OLN

    OLN Senior Member

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    There are no grammatical mistakes.
    In my opinion, there are too many modifiers and "divulguer" could be a bad choice, but jugeing an author's personal style and vocabulary is out of scope of the grammar forum.

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