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'Dans quels pays êtes-vous allé?'. How come it's 'allé' instead of 'allés'? Isn't it 'vous êtes allés'? Can't wrap my head around it and it's been bugging me!
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    Hello, and welcome to this forum!

    The most logical explanation here is that this question is aimed at a single person who is being addressed as "vous". Otherwise, there would (or should) be an agreement in the plural form.


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    Is it common that the conjugation would be singular if 'vous' is used as a singular 'you'? I didn't know that 'vous' conjugation can change depending on whether it's just polite or truly plural, so found this interesting!


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    Yes. The -s on the past participle marks it as agreeing with a plural subject. When vous refers to one person, it isn't a plural. :)
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    The conjugation per se doesn't change but the agreement with past participles and adjectives does. The verb or auxiliary is conjugated in the second person plural form no matter what while the past participle in a compound tense or the adjective after a verb like être is agreed as if the subject were a singular pronoun.
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