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Salut! I'm writing about dating reality shows, but I'm having trouble properly formulating the sentence according to grammar rules.

"Pour expliquer plus, Dr. Krockow utilise l’émission Too Hot to Handle à titre d’exemple. C’est un rencontres amoureueses émissions de la téléréalité..."

Because rencontres amoureueses is feminin pluriel, should it be "Ces sont rencontres amoureuses émissions"? "Dating" is singular in English so it's confusing me a little
  • I'm afraid your attempt doesn't make much sense. What are you trying to say in English? "These dating reality shows", "These are dating reality shows", "This is a dating reality show"?

    Anyway, adjectives or similar qualifiers usually come after the noun they modify in French, not before. You should therefore say something like:

    émission de téléréalité de rencontres amoureuses
    I figured :') but I'm trying to say the following: "To further explain, Dr. Krockow used the TV show Too Hot to Handle as an example. It is a dating reality tv show..."

    And thanks for the tip at the bottom, that's really helpful
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