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In "la maniere de demander de l'aide", at,

why is it not "demander l'aide" ?

A travers depuis plusiers jours, j'ai appris que le regle pour "demander" est comme ça:

>> demander qqch à qqun de infinitif

Donc, l'expression devrait-il être "demander + object direct" ? par. ex. demander un conseille
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    In french we translate "some" by du, de la (de l'), or des etc...
    demander du travail = ask for some work
    demander de l'aide = ask for some help
    You would not say: ask for the help.
    Unless You say it that way:
    Ask for the help of somebody = demander l'aide de quelqu'un.

    As in english (or any language???) it depends of the context,
    how the sentence is done...

    some help = de l'aide
    the help of someone = l'aide de quelqu'un.

    demander des réponses = ask for (some) answers

    aide is not a physical object.

    demander la pomme = ask for the (an) apple.

    demander des pommes = ask for apples

    In your example
    se tourne vers d'autres linuxiens pour demander de l'aide.
    have you not noticed that the sentence stops at the word aide?
    As I always say, here we are talking of SOME help IN GENERAL.
    Otherwise, you would be more specific and tell
    what kind of help you want.: l'aide de quelqu'un.
    There is a complement here. It completes the sentence.
    It is more PRECISE.

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    yes Jean you are right, here "de" is not a preposition, it is an article, but a partitive article, like in "some help", or "du pain"

    In this phrase, "de l'aide" is a complement d'objet direct to the verb demander


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    Merci beaucoup pour tes commentaires.
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