FR: des initiatives locales dont il reste à concevoir la coordination


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So, I'm taking a shot at translating an article, "Automate asocial et systèmes acentrés" by Pierre Rosenstiehl and Jean Petitot, and the syntax of the phrase indicated in my thread title is tripping me up.

The full sentence it's taken from is really something:

"Or, ironie des choses, cet organe central devenant très vite congestionné, on se prend à rêver d'une usine à calcul acentrée, un peu comme le cerveau, qui accomplirait en parallèle des opérations nombreuses réparties sur un vaste terrain et selon des initiatives locales dont il rester à concevoir la coordination."

I get the basic gist of everything up to "des initiatives locales dont il reste à concevoir la coordination."

My question is thus: Does this mean that it remains for the local initiatives to coordinate (the parallel operations) or that the coordination of the local initiatives remains to be designed?

In the first sense, the coordination would be of the aforementioned parallel operations. In the second sense, it would be the coordination of the local initiatives.
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    I agree that there are two possible antecedents for dont, yes, either the local initiatives or the operations, but if it's operations, that doesn't necessarily imply that the local initiatives will be the ones to do the coordination. So I don't agree with your entire first proposition, but I do think operations is the antecedent of dont (based on context/meaning, rather than on grammar). Still, I'd deliberately retain the ambiguity in a translation by following the original structure:
    multiple operations distributed blablabla local initiatives, the coordination of which remains to be designed.

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    Hum... pour moi... la grammaire, la syntaxe et le sens me semblent devoir rattacher ce "dont" à "initiatives".

    "sur un vaste terrain" et "selon des initiatives..." sont compléments de "réparties". On "coordine" naturellement des "initiatives", mais pas un "terrain" ;-)


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    Aucun doute possible, ce sont les initiatives qu'il s'agit de coordonner.
    Si l'antécédent de "dont" était "opérations", le bout de phrase "selon des initiatives locales" n'aurait pas beaucoup de sens.
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