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    What is the difference between "dont" and "ce dont"? In what kinds of sentences or situations are each of them used in french writing?
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    Compare the two following sentences :

    Le chien dont j'ai peur. (lit. The dog of which I am scared)​

    Ce dont j'ai peur. (lit. That of which I am scared)​

    In the second sentence, the neutral pronoun ce plays the exact same role as le chien in the first sentence : they are both antecedents. Whether you should use ce or something else before dont depends entirely on what you are trying to say.

    ce may stand for a noun, a clause, an abstract idea etc. :

    What I need is money. Ce dont j'ai besoin, c'est d'argent.

    What I need is to find a good job.Ce dont j'ai besoin, c'est de trouver un bon travail.

    I almost died in a car accident when I was five. Which I never told anyone about.J'ai failli mourir dans un accident de voiture quand j'avais cinq ans. Ce dont je n'ai jamais parlé à personne.

    As you can see, most of the time the word ce has no apparent equivalent in the English sentence. what and which are known as "fused" relative pronouns : such relative pronouns contain their own antecedent.

    What I like (what = fused relative pronoun)
    That which I like (that which = antecedent + relative pronoun)
    Ce que j'aime.(ce que = antecedent + relative pronoun) ​
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    Thanks Donaldos

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