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In the follwing sentence why have they used the proposition "en"

Isabelle me propose d'aller au restaurant. Elle me demande si j'aime les restaurants chinois parce qu'elle en connait un... "

Is it because Isabelle has said:
"Je connais un restaurant chinois" in the discours direct?

Verb connaitre can we use with places? I mean normally we use it only with people???
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    Good evening, Cheriedd.

    You certainly may use "connaître" with places. E.g.: je connais bien Amsterdam, or je connais l'endroit.
    Your question about "en". I don't see the problem. "En" is for "restaurants chinois" and that is it !


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    The literal translation into English of elle en connait un is she knows one of them where them are Chinese restaurants. Unlike in English, in cases like this you have to include en with pronouns like un and plusieurs.

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    You replace nouns with "en" when you see things like: des arbres, des tables, un restaurant. some trees, some tables, one restaurant because it tells you how many trees you have, etc.