FR: elle n'a qu'une prise limitée

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  1. Oolitka Member

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    Hi there, I'm getting my knickers in a twist trying to decide whether this means "little effect" or "substantial effect" because of the ne and que which always seems to screw my head up!

    The whole sentence is:

    L’utilisation des xxxxxxxxxx permet d’accéder à un nouveau style de vie connecté dont le succès va grandissant et sur lequel la crise financière internationale n’a qu’une prise limitée

    If someone can quickly point me in the right direction I would be mightily obliged.

  2. vhirschi Member

    It would be something like "... and on which the international (or global?) financial crisis has a limited influence only"
  3. Oolitka Member

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    ...that's what I thought, so I'm not such an idiot after all! :)

  4. Enquiring Mind

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    Hello Oolitka. "Ne ... que" is "only", so the meaning is "only has a limited effect".
  5. Oolitka Member

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    Great, thanks, further confirmation that I'm not an idiot!

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