FR: elle nous avait présenté (à) ses amies - COD / COI

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    In class today to show an example of a COI my teacher used the phrase "elle nous avait présenté à ses amies", suggesting that the nous was the COI.
    Another example was "le touriste me demandait la route"

    Whilst I accept that the second example is right, can anyone explain to me why "nous" would be the indirect object?

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    Have you copied it right?

    "Elle nous avait présenté à ses amies" would be correct (i.e. she introduced them to us).
  3. yannalan Senior Member

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    "ses amies" is COI. "Nous" is a COD.
  4. Music22 Senior Member

    I copied it right from what was written, maybe it was a simple mistake to add in the à? Thanks your for your help
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    Actually both phrases are possible. :)

    Elle nous [COD] avait presentés à ses amies [COI]. :tick: (= Elle avait présenté « nous » à ses amies.) ↔ She had introduced us to her friends.
    Elle nous [COI] avait presenté ses amies [COD]. :tick: (= Elle avait présenté ses amies à « nous ».) ↔ She had introduced her friends to us.
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