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L'équipe des rouges a gagné cinq matchs et en a perdu un le mois dernier. (Rosetta Stone)

I thought "en" is a pronoun pointing to "L'équipe des rouges".
Am I right?

I tried to find on the net other examples that use "en" as the subject of a sentence, but without success.
I wonder why.
Could you provide me with such examples?

Thanks. --- tk
  • J.F. de TROYES

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    Indeed the pronoun en cannot be a subject . In this sentence L'équipe des rouges is the common subject of the two verbs gagner and perdre and en refers to the word matchs. Elle en a perdu un means elle a perdu un match.

    Nouns following numeral and indefinite adjectives as autre, certain, quelques uns, plusieurs, beaucoup are replaced by en to avoid repeating a noun used before in the same sentence :

    Les romans de Murakami m'intéressent. J'en ai lu trois / plusieurs / certains / beaucoup.

    The pronoun en is used here to avoid repeating Les romans de Murakami.

    Hope it helps.