FR: En roulant trop vite

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I have been asked to replace " le gerondif ": with a subordinating proposition.

En roulant trop vite, tu peux provoquer un accident.

I have an exercise of this to do but I'm not sure what it is askng me to do.

Thanks in advance!
  • icecreamsoldier

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    Do you mean a subordinate clause, introduced by a subordinating conjunction?

    This is like changing "Travelling too fast, you might cause an accident" to something like "If/when you travel too fast..."


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    I think Icecreamsoldier has understood what the exercise is asking you to do.

    A "subordinate clause" will have both a subject and a verb.
    So instead of saying Driving too fast, you might cause an accident, you need to add something like If you drive too fast, you might..."

    If you make an attempt in French and explain your doubts, we will help you more... :)
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