FR: faire des/différentes activités


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From reading [this thread], it seems that "faire" can be used with most any sport or activity.
Is "faire des activités" correct in the plural ? If I want to add "different activities" could I say "faire de différentes activités"? Context- we do different activities depending on the weather.

My thinking is I changed 'des activités' to 'de différentes activités' because I am following the rule that when you use a preceding adjective, "des" becomes "de".
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    We indeed say: faire des activités. :tick:

    We also usually change des to de in front of adjectives; see FR: de/des + adjectif + nom au pluriel.

    Thus we say: faire de nombreuses activités.

    However, we drop the article if adding the adjective différent, which behaves… well… differently! :) As a matter of fact, it is no longer an adjective – it is a determiner.

    faire de différentes activités :cross:
    faire différentes activités :tick:

    For more details, see FR: (de) différents + nom au pluriel.