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See for the full sentence "faites nous partager ..."

Should it be "partager à" or "partager avec" to mean "share with" ?
This dictionary says the latter. But I've seen sentences like this: Faites nous partager ...

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  • I don't quite understand your example. Is it supposed to mean, "I want you to share with us"? I would write that as Partagez entre nous. If it is supposed to mean "Share!", then I would say Partagez-vous.

    I don't think partager à would work.

    Any correction from a French speaker would be appreciated.
    Here I come... ;)

    First example :
    I want you to share with us.
    Je veux que vous partagiez avec nous.
    Share with us !
    Partagez avec nous !

    Now, faire partager may be considered as a distinct verb... and it needs à !

    Vous ferez partager votre expérience aux autres.
    You will have your experience shared with others. (?)

    It seems to me that one would use faire partager only for abstract things, like :
    Faites-nous partager vos idées !
    But not :
    Faites-nous partager votre gâteau ! :eek:
    "faites nous partager une journée de votre vie ! "

    "Share a day of your life with us" , or more literally, "allow us to share(be part of) a day of your life"

    Faire partager quelque chose à quelqu'un(=to share something with someone, to allow someone to receive part of what you wish to share, this structure sounds very odd in English, do not attempt to transpose the french structure directly)

    Faites-nous partager votre expérience (=share your experience with us!, allow us to receive part of your experience)

    Partager quelque-chose avec quelqu'un (=to share something with someone)

    Partagez votre expérience avec nous! (=share your experience with us)