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    Je sais que les villes sont féminines, mais, si on parle du nom propre, est-ce toujours masculin - le Paris, le Nice, etc. ?
  2. Gutenberg

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    The gender for cities is not fixed. When the noun ends in -e, they are usually considered to be feminine. For example:
    Toulouse est grande.
    However, all other cities are considered to be masculine. For example,
    Paris est grand
  3. Nicomon

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    Bonjour ou bonsoir,

    Gutenberg a raison. Mais il n'est pas rare d'entendre Paris est belle... si l'on sous-entend la ville de Paris.

    J'ajoute ce fil : Paris est beau/Paris est belle et cette page de la BDL : noms de villes
  4. -Mizutokori-

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    J'ai une question simple mais je ne sais pas la réponse:
    In french, all nouns have a gender, including place. What is the gender of the Canadian city, Montreal?
    I have tried searching and looking up in the internet but it does give any information about my question.
    Please help me! S'il vous plait!

    Merci d'avance!
  5. Quintis

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    Normally all cities are feminine. I cannot think of any city that could be referred to as masculine.
    Some places could be masculine, castles or mills for examples, but cities are feminine.
    Then again, there could be some peculiarity in Canadian French I'm not aware of but it would be safe to assume Montréal can be referred to as "elle".
  6. pointvirgule

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    Hello again, Mizu. Without repeating what Gutenberg said, as well as the BDL (see Nicomon's link), I would consider Montréal masculine, if only because its name is formed from the masculine mont. Besides, that's what I've been taught, that my home town is normally considered masculine.

    However, as the "gender" we attribute to cities is rather arbitrary, it is perfectly OK to say, Montréal est belle (grammatically speaking, that is...)

    Note that in certain contexts, the masculine is mandatory for certain cities: e.g. le Paris de mon enfance (and not *la Paris), le vieux Paris (and not *la vieille Paris). The same goes for Montréal.
  7. -Mizutokori-

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    Hm. Merci pointvirgule! Donc, if I want to say "Montreal is older than Toronto.", is Montreal going to be masculine or feminine or either?
    Thank you again!
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  8. pointvirgule

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    Either. Isn't it nice to have a choice?

    But you can always say, Montréal est une ville plus ancienne que Toronto. :)
  9. -Mizutokori-

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    Oui, choices make things easier!
    Thank you for helping me!
    Until next time, virgule! :D
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