FR: He asked neither me nor my friend


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Hello everybody,
How can we say this sentence in french?
"He asked neither me nor my freind"

Is it true to say:
"Il ne me dmanda ni à mon ami",
or we should say:
"Il ne me dmanda pas ni à mon ami"?
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    Yes i understood, but I just wanted to make a point, i.e while you can use the "passé composé" in almost every situation to express a situation that happened in the past, I think that whenever you decide to use the "passé simple" instead, you need to have some context that will justify the slight precision you want to add (check your grammar)!
    Besides allow me to tweak the translation i just gave you: Il ne m'a pas demandé, ni à moi ni à mon ami! I think that absent of any context that's what we are more likely to say! As a matter of fact All the above translations sound a little awkward to me! Now If you really need to use the "passé simple" tense, please give us some context, it's possible we may express things quite differently!
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