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    I would like the french equivalent of the phrase "He geets her" (and the context is that it is the servant greeting his boss who has just entered her home)
    Some french online translation sites propose "Il salue son" / "Il accueille son" / "Il l’accueille".

    However I feel it ought to be
    "Il la salue" or "Il salue elle". (I feel the 'son' at the end of the word is wrong).

    Besides "accueille" means welcome (one can't have a servant welcoming the boss in her own home), so 'saluer' (to greet) seems more appropriate.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Il la salue is the most direct and appropriate translation. Il salue elle is incorrect.

    Now the Oxford Dictionary defines to greet as to say hello to somebody or to welcome them.
    Thus, depending on the context and the intention, you can also translate by il l'accueille.
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    just as I thought. That 'Il la salue' is correct. Somehow I felt that 'Il salue son' is wrong.
    Thanks for clearing the confusion.
    Merci beaucoup.

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