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    I'm writing a commentary on a monologue in Richard III. Can somebody please tell me if this makes sense? I want to say that 'everything he has done, he has done to himself'

    Il y a aussi une abondance de verbes réflexives, il répète ‘je me’ une dizaine de fois dans quelques lignes, ce qui donne l’impression que tout ce qu’il a fait, il s’est fait.

    I know it would be easier to say something like ' il a fait à soi meme' but I'd really like to keep the reflexive verbs because I like the way it fits...Not sure if I've ever heard it being said though:confused:

    Merci d'avance!​

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    You should say, Il se l'est fait à lui-même.

    Note that the underlined part is not required from a grammatical standpoint but it would not be idiomatic to omit it. On the other hand, the direct object l' is mandatory in French.
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    Ok that sounds good, merci :)

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