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I am writing a motivation letter for an au pair matching website and I am confused about the number and gender of « l'un et l'autre ». I am female and I am addressing the host family (« famille d'accueil » so a feminine noun). Though in French grammar it is assumed that a group of people (the family in this case) includes males by default. Would the correct translation be...

1. J'espère que nous serons adaptées l'une à l'autre (myself - feminine singular, the family - feminine singular)
2. J'espère que nous serons adaptés l'une aux autres (myself - feminine singular, the family - group of indeterminate genders)
3. A different option?

Thanks for your help!
  • Your options don't sound really natural.
    You could say for example:
    J'espère que nous allons bien nous entendre.

    More generally to answer your question, in such a case where several people with mixed genders are involved, we would just say:
    ... les uns aux autres.
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