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    Quel est la differénce entre "j'ai pu aller," et "j'aurais pu aller." Aussi, que sont leurs traductions en anglais?Je veux traduire "I could have gone to the market, but I decided not to," en francais, mais je ne suis pas certain, dois-je utiliser "j'ai pu aller" ou "j'aurais pu aller"? Par exemple, "J'ai pu aller au marché, mais..." ou "J'aurais pu aller au marché, mais..."Merci!
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    Welcome to the forums, tdcmmon :). In this particular case, translating the different elements of the French construction literally will help you understand the difference.

    J'ai - I have; pu - been able; aller - to go. J'aurais - I would have
    So: j'ai pu aller - I have been able to go, (or "I was able to go")
    j'aurais pu aller - I would have been able to go (or "I could have gone")

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