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Salut. Je suis en train d'apprendre le français. Je veux dire "I found this in the closet." For example if I found an open bottle in my closet, picked it up and then turned to my wife to say "I found this in the closet".
I don't need to literally say "I found this in the closet." What I am looking for is how to communiate this same message in French. In other words perhaps in French one would say "This is what I found in the closet."
Est-ce qu'on dit "J'ai trouvé cela dans la penderie." (I found this in the closet.)
ou "C'est ce que j'ai trouvé dans la penderie." (This is what I found in the closet.)
ou c'est autre chose ?
Merci d'avance !!
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    J'ai trouvé ceci dans la penderie makes perfect sense. ("this" translates to ceci)
    In everyday conversation, however, most people replace ceci with ça.
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