FR: I have been waiting for your call

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Salut a tout,

I was just wondering how I would say the following..

"I have been waiting for your call"
My attempt
"j'ai été atendant pour ton appel"

How do you express the format "to have been doing something"?

Merci d'avance :)
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    Salut à toi


    J'attendais ton appel (if he/she has called you)
    J'attends ton appel (if you are still waiting)

    I am having an hard time to set a rule on how to translate the expression "to have been doing...". Here is my attempt:

    if you have been doing this action and you are still doing it, you use the present tense:

    I have been waiting for the bus to come (the bus is still not here) --> J'attends le bus.

    But if you are not doing the action anymore, use "L'imparfait" (past tense):

    I have been waiting for this bus to come (the bus has arrived) --> J'attendais le bus

    But I guess that in the last example I just wrote, we would have said :I had been waiting for this bus...?

    any other opinion?


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    You might say the last example to the bus driver: Finally! I've been waiting for you/this bus to come! (stress on waiting)

    However, outside of context, it usually means you are still waiting: J'attends le bus.

    The reason we say have been waiting instead of simply am waiting is because we usually add a time factor to the sentence:

    I have been waiting for the bus for an hour = J'attends le bus depuis une heure

    and you cannot say in English I am waiting for the bus for/since an hour. :cross:
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