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  1. Charlie51 Senior Member

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    I know that you use "à" with a town to say "in/at/to" e.g. "J'habite à Londres."

    If you want to say "I live in Notting Hill in London", is it still "à" each time e.g. "J'habite à Notting Hill à Londres"?

    Merci à l'avance!
  2. takk Member

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    Yes, you are right: "à" is used most of the time with a town, a district or any specific place. I should say that you can also find "J'habite Notting Hill" or "J'habite Londres", which are also correct, I am not sure there is even a difference actually...


    Hope it helps!
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  3. Charlie51 Senior Member

    West Midlands
    Merci beaucoup, takk!
  4. Gary123 Member

    Hi. This looks like it has been answered above but I just want to confirm:
    Is it ok to say à twice? ie. J'habite à Notting Hill à Londres?
    Just looks a bit funny with 'à' twice so wanted to make sure!
  5. Oddmania

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    I guess it's just as funny as "I live in Notting Hill in London" in English, with in three times! :D Two locations, hence two à's, it's correct.
  6. Gary123 Member

    Merci Oddmania!
  7. snarkhunter

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    If you want to avoid repeating "à / dans", you may specify the district:

    "J'habite (à) Londres, dans le quartier de Notting Hill."

    Actually, there's plenty of ways of putting such a sentence!

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