FR: I made him give me the ball


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I submit this on behalf of a student who is learning French.
zambayoshi said:
Faire causatif : Comment change-t-on cette phrase en utilisant le faire causatif ? "Il m'a donné la balle" Est-ce uniquement possible de mettre "Je la lui ai fait donné à moi" ? Ou dans ce cas-là est-ce possible de mettre un pronom entre le faire et le verbe donner ? Ex. "Je la lui ai fait me donner". Merci.
  • Hi Eddie, :)
    Je l'ai fait me donner la balle is the correct version, even though it sounds terribly awkward to me.
    Je l'ai fait me la donner sounds even worse, but maybe this is a very subjective feeling. Wait for different opinions.
    Thanks, egueule!

    That's the way I would have written it also, but I wanted to be sure before giving an answer to zambayoshi.

    I also found it awkward, and didn't feel most French speakers would use that syntax.

    What would be the more conversational way of handling the same idea?