FR: I was happy that I was wearing


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If you want to say in French "I was happy that I was wearing" do you say "J'étais heureux que je portasses" or "que je portais" or present subjunctive "que je porte" ? Merci beaucoup!
  • Because some tenses are really ugly, heavy and complicated, French people tend to use it less than before, like l'imparfait du subjonctif.

    So, we would rather say this : "J'étais heureux de porter ..."
    But if you want to know which subjunctive tense you should have used in a similar context (like "He was happy that I was wearing...") => it would be "portât"
    You must use the subjonctive if there are two different subjects :
    I was happy that I was wearing ... : j'était heureux de porter ...
    I was happy that he was wearing ... : j'étais heureuse qu'il porte ...