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    Hello everybody!
    The sentence "il avait tout lu" appears in my french textbook and I have to determine which tense is used there, but unfortunately I can't figure it out.
    It seems very weird to me because "avait" is the verbe "avoir" in the Imparfait and lu is the p.p of the verbe "lire" and together it is the structure of the Passe Compose(etre/avoir+p.p) so this phrase seems totally unconventional for me(it's me that is clueless though) , and I would be happy to hear your thoughts about it :)
    Thank you all in advance! :)
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    It is indeed the same as in English:

    auxiliary in the present + past participle = passé composé (e.g., il a lu) / present perfect (e.g., he has read)
    auxiliary in the imparfait/past + past participle = plus-que-parfait (e.g., il avait lu) / pluperfect (e.g., he had read)
  3. yoko - chan New Member

    I see, thank you very much! :)

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