FR: il fait manger le cochon

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    After I learn the French causative structure, i.e. faire+infinitif, I am confused a little, for the form of the verb is indefinitive in both active and passive meaning, so how can one distinguish them apart?
    1. subject+faire+infinitive+the logical subject of this infinitive.
    2. subject+faire+infinitive+the direct object of this infinitive.
    For example, if one says, which may not be correct, «il fait manger le cochon», then does it mean 1. He has the pig eaten (by someone). or 2. He makes the pig eat. Strange question, but I am just curious.
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    Indeed, basically, it can perfectly mean both :) But it's more likely to mean He is making the pig eat. It sounds very strange to say "I'm having the pig eaten". We usually add an agent : Je fait manger le cochon à quelqu'un.
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    Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse~

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