FR: Il finit de prendre sa douche


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Salut a tous et Joyeux Noel,

I was listening something in French and I heard this: "ton frère finit de prendre sa douche."

My question is why they didn't say "ton frère a fini de avoir pris sa douche"? Because he finished taking shower.
In English when an action is completed or something is done, we use past tense like: "your brother finished taking shower". And if it's not yet done, we may use future tense like: "your brother will finish taking shower". Of course we use present tense but not in exact same way like: "your brother always finishes taking shower very soon."
Or do French use present tense for completed actions when it comes to 'finir'?



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français (France)

We need more context.
Il finit de... : He is finishing...
cf. FR: venir de finir de - grammaire

It could also less likely be passé simple, because this is a 2nd group verb, : He finished...
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