FR: il leur a demandé s'ils avaient fait bon voyage

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  1. mirunamu Member

    South Korea, Korean

    In my French textbook,

    the sentence

    'He has asked them if they had a good trip.'

    is translated as

    'il leur a demande s'ils avaient fait bon voyage.'

    why is there no 'un' before 'bon'?

    Is it necessary to leave out 'un' from the translated sentence or is it optional?
  2. Benoît abroad

    Benoît abroad Senior Member

    East of Belgium
    Français, France
    Hi mirunamu,

    "...faire un bon voyage" is grammaticaly correct but less used then "...faire bon voyage".
  3. mirunamu Member

    South Korea, Korean
    Could anyone tell me when it is okay to omit articles?
  4. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    Hello Mirunamu, :)

    There is no rule to tell you when it is OK to omit articles. I'm afraid you just have to memorize expressions as a single unit: "to have a good trip" = "faire (un) bon voyage" etc

    PS. Accents are required in French. See the sticky for help typing them on your keyboard. ;)
  5. mirunamu Member

    South Korea, Korean
    thanx a lot:)

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