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Is the subjunctive required after 'il n'y a rien que ..' eg there is nothing that we can do ' il n'y a rien que nous puissions faire'?
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    Hi, just wondering how would I say "there is nothing that measures up to a good meal" in french?

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    The negation (here: nothing/rien) usually calls the subjunctive in relative clauses: Il n'y a rien qui soit comparable à un bon repas.
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    I am not sure of the grammar of this sentence, 'Il n'y a rien qu'elle puisse faire pour l'arreter' - There is nothing she can do to stop it. Why is it necessary to use a subjunctive?



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    The subjunctive is used because the existence of something she can do is negated. In a subordinate clause like this you use the subjunctive when you say that such-and-such does not exist, and "rien" certainly negates or denies something's existence. Lack of certainty and negating something's existence go hand in hand and both are covered by the subjunctive.