FR: Il y a une fille à la/une porte

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  1. binhle410 Senior Member

    is Il y a une fille à une porte

    valid ? or do we have to say
    Il y a une fille à la porte

    in the latter, does it mean we all know what porte/door it is ?
    and in the (1) if it is valid, does it mean there is a girl at a door which we don't know for sure which door it is ?

    Merci beaucoup beaucoup d'avance.
  2. SwissPete

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    What are you trying to say?

    There is a girl at the door
    There is a girl at a door

  3. binhle410 Senior Member

    I would like to ask if the (1) is still valid,
    please excuse my newbie question.
  4. jann

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    Yes, it is grammatically valid, but I think it would be more natural to use devant instead of à with the indefinite article.

    il y a une fille à la porte --> we all know what door it is :tick: (and presumably, the girl wants to come inside)
    il y a une fille à (devant) une porte --> we do not know which door or where it is (e.g., if you are describing a photograph of a girl standing in front of a random closed door)
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  5. Maître Capello

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    :thumbsup: Yes, definitely.

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