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    hi again

    i was wondering, when you want to say 'in' a certain country, is it always, 'en', or does the preposition change with the gender of a country? For example, 'In Egypt', would it be en egypte, or dans egypte?
  2. Aupick

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    Your suspicions are correct: it depends on various factors, most notably gender:

    Feminine singular countries: en
    - en France
    Masculine singular countries beginning with a consonant: au
    - au Portugal
    Masculine singular countries beginning with a vowel: en
    - en Irak
    Plural countries: aux
    - aux États-Unis
    - aux Philippines

    Islands are all over the place. It's easier just not to go to any of them.
  3. Ramsay New Member

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    what if you were saying "to france"? would you say "a france"?

    sorry i dont know how to do accents
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    Good evening Ramsay! :) Welcome to the forums!
    If you were saying 'to France'', it would be ''en France.''

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