FR: in January, on Monday


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How do you express these expressions in French (I mean which preposition to use) :

in January = x janvier
on Monday = x lundi
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    The first one's pretty easy: either "en janvier" or "au mois de janvier".

    The second one, however, can get a bit complicated. Generally, we don't use a preposition. An article is often used, on the other hand, for recurrent events or specific dates (but I guess that isn't stricly related to the question at hand).


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    Hello :)

    For the first one, as cropje_jnr said, it's "en janvier" or "au mois de janvier"

    For the second one there are many possibilities.

    Without preposition : "I see you on Monday" = Je te vois lundi
    or "I have class on Monday morning" = J'ai cours lundi matin

    With the article "le"/"les" : "They always meet on Mondays" = Ils se voient toujours le lundi/les lundis
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