FR: Is it necessary that I should do that?

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    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Which one is a better translation of "Is it necessary that I should do that?" - "Faut-il que je doive/devrais faire cela" or "Est-il nécessaire que je doive/devrais faire cela"?

    Merci x
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    :eek: Il y a du pléonasme insoutenable en français.
    Faut-il que je fasse cela ? / Est-il nécessaire que je fasse cela ? :thumbsup:
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    Have another look at my post here.

    Faut-il que je doive... and Est-il nécessaire que je doive... both amount to saying Is it necessary that I (should) have to do that? (in other words : Do I have to have to do that?) As you can see, it sounds very clumsy. You don't need the verb devoir.

    I'll go for Faut-il que je fasse... or Est-il nécessaire que je fasse... which both mean the same thing, although the latter is probably closer to the original sentence (while Faut-il que... is more like Do I have to... or Do I need to...)

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