FR: It has been raining since morning

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    Should the sentence "It has been raining since morning" be translated using the imparfait, like Il pleuvait depuis le matin? From what I understand the English sentence means it is still raining (at the time it is spoken), so I am guessing the imparfait would be suitable here.

    Yet, I saw on a website using the present tense instead to translate it: Il pleut depuis le matin. So is the present tense actually the correct tense to use instead of the imparfait? Or can both actually be used?

    Merci d'avance !
  2. marget Senior Member

    Yes, the present tense in French is correct. The imparfait cannot be used in your context.
  3. 8apples New Member

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    Hi! Merci de votre réponse et votre aide !

    May I know, though, why the imparfait is not appropriate for the sentence, since the action (the "raining" action) began in the past but is still ongoing? Perhaps I have gravely mistaken the use of imparfait...

    Merci !
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    The imparfait would suggest it's not raining anymore and hence it is not appropriate here.
  5. 8apples New Member

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    Thanks guys! It seems I have misunderstood the use of the imparfait!
  6. marget Senior Member

    You need to remember that since "depuis" is used, the present tense in French conveys an action or state that began in the past and is still going on.

    "has been raining" is not the same as "was raining" which could be expressed using the imparfait.

    Present tense + depuis + amount of time expresses how long something has been going on and is stil going on. It's an idiomatic usage.

    Using the verb in the imparfait with this structure would express how long something had been going on (before something else happened)
  7. Oddmania

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    Just to clarify...

    It has been raining since... : Il pleut depuis...
    It had been raining since... : Il pleuvait depuis...
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  8. 8apples New Member

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    Thanks marget and Oddmania! I'll keep these in mind, definitely! :)

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