FR: It's as if they had always been living here

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  1. LeDelinquant New Member

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    FR: How would I say "It's as if they had always been living here!"
    Do I use "C'était comme si ils ont toujours vécu ici!"
    excuse my poor french :D thanks
  2. Lilietromeo

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    It's almost that : C'est comme si ils avaient toujours vécu ici !
    You have to use a past tense, here the imparfait. :tick:
  3. lamy08 Senior Member


    Non, ce n'est pas un imparfait, mais un plus-que-parfait: avaient vécu.
  4. snarkhunter

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    ... And please note that, most of the time, "si ils" will be found in a contracted form, i.e. "s'ils".
  5. LeDelinquant New Member

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    Oh, I see I got it!! Thanks!! So would it also be the same if I wanted to say "It's as if they had always lived here" cause there's a minor difference between the two sentences in English, I was wondering if there is another equivalent translation in french or is it the same?
  6. Oddmania

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    There's just no genuine equivalent in French. The thing is, comme si can only be followed by the Imparfait tense or the Plus-Que-Parfait tense. But comme s'ils vivaient (imparfait) would mean as if they were living, which isn't what you mean. So the only option left is comme s'ils avaient vécu (plus-que-parfait).

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