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This must've been done before, so I'm sorry to be a pain. But, being English, I find myself saying : "I've been waiting for you!" meaning that I am still waiting for you, that I've been waiting for you since ... and I don't know if I should say : "Je t'attends" or "Je t'ai attendu". I have the impression that there's a 'silent' "for an hour" / "all morning" etc, as in "depuis", in which case I'd use "je t'attends" but I'm not convinced. It doesn't seem enough.
Apologies again. No doubt you'll just point me at a thread, which would be cool. Thanks o_O
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    'I've been waiting for you for one hour / since this morning' means ' Je t'attends - depuis une heure / depuis ce matin. - et je t'attends toujours.

    I waited for you - and I'm no more waiting for you - is ' Je t'ai attendu(e)'. - et je ne t'attends plus.


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    Bonjour BigCuzz,

    Most of the time a present perfect continuous will be translated with présent in French. In your context, the most common option is to use ça fait.

    I've been waiting for you (for a while) = ça fait un moment que je t'attends.
    I've been waiting for you for 1 hour = ça fait une heure que je t'attends.
    I've been learning French for 2 years = ça fait 2 ans que j'apprends le français.
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