FR: je chancelle, je chancèle / nous chancelons

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Chers amis: Salut. […] Bon mardi! Why are there 2 L's in the conjugaisons of "Chanceler"?? There is just one L in the Nous and Vous forms and 2 L's again in the Ils/Elles form. Expluquez-vous, svp. Other verbs are like this too. Why?
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    Phonetically ils/elles chancellent rhymes with "elle", same thing with je & tu.

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    Since the 1990 French spelling rectifications, chanceler has an alternative spelling. They are pronounced the same:

    je chancelle / je chancèle [-sɛl]​
    tu chancelles / tu chancèles [-sɛl]​
    il/elle chancelle / il/elle chancèle [-sɛl]​
    ils/elles chancellent / ils/elles chancèlent [-sɛl]​

    But there is only one spelling in the 1st and 2nd persons plural and the pronunciation is different from the above:

    nous chancelons [-səlɔ̃]​
    vous chancelez [-səle]​

    See also Le Figaro's conjugator.