FR: je le connais / je lui connais

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  1. unpeu New Member

    Simply I want to say "I know him/her/them" in french.
    Which one is grammatically correct "je lui/leur connais" or "je le/la/les connais"?
    I've seen both of them being used actually, is there any difference in the meaning?
  2. Kool Groove New Member

    English, French
    Je le connais (I know him).
    Je la connais (I know her).
    Je les connais (I know them).
  3. Maître Capello

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    Since you want to say I know him, you should definitely say Je le connais.

    Note however that Je lui connais X is also possible but means something else. For example, Je lui connais une maîtresse = Je sais qu'il a une maîtresse means I know he has a mistress.
  4. unpeu New Member

    merci beaucoup
    that helped a lot :)

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