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"J'ai 17 ans et je n'ai jamais été scolarisée."

I understand that there is a letter 'e' at the end of the word scolarisée, because the person talking is female. However, what's the grammatical reason that you have to add the e there?
  • Yendred

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    Because here scolarisé(e)(s) has the role of an adjective, and adjectives agree with the noun they are related to:
    Mon fils est scolarisé
    Ma fille est scolarisée
    Mes fils sont scolarisés
    Mes filles sont scolarisé

    Maître Capello

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    In addition to Yendred's post, please note that past participles are often used as true adjectives:

    les personnes scolariséesles personnes qui sont/ont été scolarisées