FR: Je ne mange que des frites / Je ne mange pas de frites

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Hi, quantities confuse me with negatives...

If it is ne...que does it always just stay they same for example...

'Je mange des frites de temps en temps.'

'Je ne mange que des frites de temps en temps'.... or is it followed by de? Can I have an explanation please very stuck...

  • myšlenka

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    1) Je mange des frites...
    2) Je ne mange pas/plus de frites...
    3) Je ne mange que des frites...

    From what I learnt, 'des' is reduced to 'de' after negation, just like in (2).
    However, 'ne-que' is not a negation so 'des' is not reduced (3).

    Maybe some native speakers of French can confirm this :)
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