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  1. minieggs Member


    Do you use the subjunctive here?

    Je pense que c'est tres important que...+subjunctive?:confused:

    I realise that this is quite a basic question but I just want to be sure!

  2. Gerak

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    Hi there,

    Yes, subjunctive.
    Even if I prefer "Je pense qu'il est très important que"

    See you
  3. marget Senior Member

    Did your original question involve the use of the subjunctive after Il est très important que... ? If so, the subjunctive would be used in that clause.
  4. alleiter22 Member

    Is the following sentence correct?

    Je pense qu’il est très important que je fasse connaissance avec la vie ...

    As far as I know, there is no subjunctive after penser, but there is always subjunctive after il est important que. Thus, I reasoned that in this case I would have to use the subjunctive. Is that true?

    Thanks for the help!
  5. radagasty Senior Member

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    Penser can take the subjunctive, especially in the negative or interrogative, but your sentence is correct as it stands, although the sequence of Je pense que ... il est important que ... je fasse seems a little ponderous to me. It might be simpler to avoid the subjunctive altogether with

    Je pense qu'il est très important de faire connaissance avec la vie ...
    or even
    D'après moi, il est très important de faire connaissance avec la vie paysanne.
  6. Maître Capello

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    Note that when there are nested clauses, each clause normally takes the mode required by its own introductory verb.

    Je pense qu’[il est très important que [je fasse connaissance avec la vie]].

    être très important is introduced by je pense que, which requires the indicativeil est très important
    faire connaissance avec la vie is introduced by il est important que, which requires the subjunctiveje fasse connaissance avec la vie

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