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Hello everyone!

I was listening to the InnerFrench podcast and there was this phrase:

Il y a eu l’âge de pierre, l’âge de bronze et maintenant, c’est l’âge du plastique.

What I'm confused about is why it's not "de la", "de la" and "du"? Is it also possible to say "l’âge de plastique"?
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    âge de pierre (or âge de la pierre) and âge de bronze (or âge du bronze) are set expressions to refer to (pre)historical periods.

    Since "âge de plastique" is not a commonly used set expression, but a neologism, the proper standard way is to say "âge du plastique".

    In English, the corresponding set expressions are Stone Age and Bronze Age, but I guess they would rather say "Age of Plastic" as a neologism, rather than Plastic Age.
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