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  1. Orlandoooo Member

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    Hi, this is for a French essay on poverty.
    If I want to talk about the availability of various factors would I say:

    "par exemple la disponibilité d’emploi, d’éducation et de soins médicaux"


    "par exemple la disponibilité de l’emploi, de l’éducation et des soins médicaux"

    or are both of those completely wrong?
  2. FBC

    FBC Senior Member

    Bora Bora
    Both could be correct, depending on.... context!
  3. Orlandoooo Member

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    Ok, this is what comes before it:
    "C’est certain que la pauvreté est un grand problème en France, mais tout d’abord l’analysons en détail et considérons qui exactement est-ce que ceci affecte. Comment on définit la pauvreté ? La vérité est qu’il n’y a pas une explication définitive ; c’est dépendant de trop de facteurs qui contribuent, par exemple" etc.
  4. FBC

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    Sorry : welcome, Orlandoooo!
    On this wonderful forum, we like getting some context, or at least complete sentences, associated with the sentences you want to translate, to give the most accurate help.
  5. Orlandoooo Member

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    OK, no problem thanks a lot! Does that mean I can use either then? Bearing in mind it is meant to be formal writing and grammatically correct, etc!
  6. FBC

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    And now I would go for your second version : de l'emploi... and so on.

    The corrections are only my point of view.

    Ok, last one and then I'll go to sleep, my brain is already sleeping, that's why I'm coming back on this so many times :
  7. Orlandoooo Member

    England - English
    OK, Thank you very much for your help, thats great!

    Oh and I've just seen the last one, thanks that makes sense.
  8. Vieilours New Member

    I agree with FBC-inkenya. Generally speaking, French prefers the active form, contrary to English. As for the begining of the first sentence, I would prefer <Il est certain que...> and furher down, <Il n'y a pas d'explication définitive> instead of <il n'y a pas une explication....>.
  9. franc 91 Senior Member

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    Yes, I agree - you can't use disponibilité like that - l'accès is better. For emploi you would also talk about l'offre or les possibilités de trouver or les conditions du marché du travail etc.

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