FR: la plupart d'entre nous + accord (1re/3e personne)

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    I've heard that with "la plupart d'entre nous", the first person plural or even third person plural is used, even though "la plupart" is singular. So what I've got at the moment is- "La plupart d'entre nous les avons vu."

    Is this right? Is "La plupart d'entre nous les a vu" completely wrong? I get the feeling my teacher will mark the first one as incorrect, so I'd rather just avoid the whole construction. Any suggestions of other ways to say this?

    How about these-
    "Nous avons, pour la plupart, les vu."
    "Nous avons, pour la plupart d'entre nous, les vu."

    Merci en avance.

    Voici ma phrase-

    "La plupart d'entre nous les avons vu; les anglais à l'étranger qui ne peuvent guère demander une bière."

    J'aimerais ajouter "sans pointing and shouting" mais ça me trompe aussi. :S

    Moderator note: For the question of the singular vs. the plural, see FR: la plupart + accord singulier / pluriel.
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    As you can see from [this thread] and from this thread on the French Only forum, there is some flexibility in picking the subject of the verb for these sentences.

    In this sentence, you might justify
    la plupart de + 3rd person singular, because plupart is singular
    la plupart de + 3rd person plural, because plupart indicates a group of individuals
    nous + avons

    I believe the 2nd option is the most current.

    The position of the direct object pronoun les, however, is not negotiable. It must precede the conjugated verb. A past participle is not conjugated. So of your three suggestions, only the last is grammatically possible (and it has nothing to do with the verb conjugation; it's purely based on you put the direct object pronoun). :)
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    I'd rather say the 1st option is obsolete and not used anymore in modern French, which leaves us with the 2nd and 3rd options, the 2nd being the standard one:

    1. La plupart d'entre nous les a vus. :cross: obsolete agreement
    2. La plupart d'entre nous les ont vus. :tick: standard agreement
    3. La plupart d'entre nous les avons vus. :)tick:) possible but less common than option #2

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