FR: le 14 juillet / on the 14th of July

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  1. Aishie Senior Member

    Hi I was wondering if 'Le 14 Juillet 1789' had the same sense of meaning as 'on the 14th of july 1789' in English?
    Does the 'le' represent 'on'?
  2. Wildcat1 Senior Member

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    I would say, yes, your French phrase can mean the same as your English phrase, but no, the "le" doesn't specifically mean "on".

    And note that you failed to capitalize "July" in English, while you incorrectly (I believe) capitalized "juillet" in French!
  3. Aishie Senior Member

    Sorry, was in a rush, small typo :c
    so if that is the case, how would I convey the sense of 'on the fourteenth...'
  4. Wildcat1 Senior Member

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    As I said, your French phrase is how you'd translate the English. I just wanted to point out that it would be wrong to say that this "le" means "on". Rather you don't need to translate "on", but "le" is required in general. For ex., in
    "Le 14 juillet, c'est un jour qui ..."
    there would be no "on" in an English translation.
  5. Mauricet Senior Member

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    In such a sentence as Le 14 juillet 1789, le peuple prit la Bastille, "Le" conveys the meaning of "On the", while in Le 14 juillet 1789 fut retenu dans l'Histoire comme le jour du début de la Révolution, "Le" means "The", as usual.

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