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Point of grammar to clarify pls!

When saying the following

"en proposant peut-être au groupe qu’ils prennent tous quelques minutes pour réfléchir "
can i use the plural (ils prennent) as it refers to the members of the group really or should I use singular?

Thank you.
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  • Oubekhet

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    Hello lifeisacabaret!

    I would not say that in French. You may hear it, but I think it sounds awkward.
    I'd rather say: "En proposant peut-être au groupe de prendre quelques minutes pour y réfléchir (ensemble/indépendamment)"
    It sounds much better than "En proposant peut-être au groupe qu'il prenne quelques minutes pour y réfléchir", besides the "tous" would not work here.

    While in English you can use the plural in such situations as "the staff are very nice", "someone has lost their watch", you cannot do the same in French. I think that's the general rule.

    Hope it helped


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    Oubekhet is right, though en proposant aux membres du groupe qu'ils prennent tous would be correct. Still, the phrasing with the infinitive, as suggested, is more elegant.
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