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Hi - It seems that each time I follow a thread through in WDR, even a simple translation of a word, I end up with another unknown or query!!

Le projet fut un succès car le client était content.

From a bit of research, I see that 'fut' is the passé simple of être and seems that it is only used in written French.
Wow, this is very new to me!! :):confused: If only used in written French (if this is correct), do we simply revert to 'le projet était un succès'? Why bother?? I take it 'le projet ne fut pas....etc' if it wasn't a success?
When and how do we know to use this.....for example, the first line that came to mind was 'le contrôle d'algèbre était difficile'.
Maybe if this just happened, this would be accetable?? - but if we are looking back to our school days (too many years ago!!:)), would we then use fut.....being a one-off historical event??
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