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    I'm learning French and we have finally come to a point where one should grasp the difference between the two past tenses passé composé and imperfect. Our teacher seems to think there might be an error in the text in our book. I'm not going to quote the whole dialogue but in short, a woman and her husband are telling about their trip (they had returned home a couple of days ago) to Corsica to Pierre:

    Pierre: Très bien! Et donc, vous avez finalement trouvé Olmeto?
    Filip: Oui, et quel endroit! C'était vraiment beau!
    Monique: Le soir, nous avons fait des promenades comme de jeunes amoreux...
    Filip: Et tous les matins, je me réveillais très tôt pour aller pêcher, tu te rends compte!

    So, the dialogue of Monique, should it actually be imperfect? If not, what might be the reason?
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    Yes, the imperfect is called for, assuming Filip's comment is correct.
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    Actually both tenses (passé composé / imparfait) are possible here depending on the nuance Monique wants to convey. :)

    Le soir, nous avons fait des promenades comme de jeunes amoureux. → The passé composé suggests there is some consequence in the present, e.g., I'm so happy we took those walks because, if we hadn't, Filip and I wouldn't feel so close now.
    Le soir, nous faisions des promenades comme de jeunes amoureux. → The imparfait insists on the repetition of the action, e.g., it was nice doing it every evening.

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